The 4th International research and practice conference 

«Topical issues and perspectives in the development of radio engineering and infocommunication systems»



Dear Colleagues and Friends!

MIREA - Russian Technological University welcomes the participants of the 4th International research and practice conference “Topical issues and perspectives in the development of radio engineering and info-communication systems”

The goal of the conference is to discuss issues, directions and perspectives in developing and perfecting radio-electronic and telecommunication branches as one of the main clusters in the world economy that ensures functioning of all the vital elements of state infrastructure for both civil and defense purposes.

MIREA - Russian Technological University is acknowledged in Russia and worldwide as a modern educational and scientific research centre that combines classic university traditions and up-to-date educational technologies. Today it is one of the leaders in training qualified personnel for the rapidly developed science-intensive fields of telecommunications, computer and information technologies, automation, cybernetics, radio engineering and electronics.

It is the developing of stronger research, educational and business bonds with our Russian and foreign partners that is of great importance for us. We have far-reaching designs for broadening partnerships in scientific and technical sphere and hope that the present conference will make it possible for its participants to fulfill their intentions.


The Organizing Committee

Members of the Committee: 

    •    Andreev G.I. - Temporary incumbent of the sole executive body of JSC "СТIRTI" name of Academician A. I. Berg, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Bendersky G.P. – General Director of PJSC "NPO Almaz" them. Academician AA Raspletin, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Boev S.F. - Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "RTI", General Designer of "RTI", Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences, prof.

    •    Verba V.S. - General Director - General Designer of JSC "Radio Engineering Concern" VEGA ", Corresponding Member of RAS, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Kulikov G.V. - Director of the Institute of RTC MIREA, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Kutuzov V.M. - Rector of SPbGETU "LETI", Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Menshikov V.A. - First Vice-President - General Designer of IGMASS Association, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Nenartovich N.E. - General Designer of PJSC "NPO Almaz" them. Academician AA Raspletin, Ph.D.

    •    Nesterov A.V. - General Director of JSC "MNIRS"

    •    Ragutkin A.V. - MIREA Vice-Rector for Innovative Development, Ph.D.

    •    Saprykin S.D. - General designer of JSC "NPK" NIIDAR ", candidate of technical sciences, professor

    •    Samsonov G.A. - Vice President of the RNTORES them. A.S. Popova, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    •    Tretyakov V.A. - Chief Designer of PJSC "MAK" Vympel ", Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Chernyavsky G.M. - Chief Designer of the space resources direction of the USSEPO JSC "Russian Space Systems", Corr. RAS, Dr. of Sc. prof.

    •    Shestopalov Yu.V. - Professor of the Engineering Academy of the Swedish University of Gävle, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, prof.

    •    Lubashevsky I.A. - Professor of the University of Aizu, Dr. of Sc. prof.


Gulyaev Yuriy Vasilevich 

The president of Popov Russian research and technology society of radio engineering, electronics and communication,

Academician of the RAS

Kudzh Stanislav Alekseevich 

The rector of RTU MIREA

Dr. of Sc.

Sigov Alexander Sergeevich  

The president of RTU MIREA,

Academician of the RAS

Kulikov Gennadiy Valentinovich 

Professor of the Department


Dr. of Sc. prof.


1. Telecommunication and Radioelectronic 

    Chairman Dr. of Sc. prof. Nefedov V.I. 

2. Radioelectronic Systems and Complexes 

    Chairman Dr. of Sc. Assoc. Zamuruev S.N.

3. Processing and transmission of information via radio channels 

    Chairman Dr. of Sc. prof. Paramonov A.A. 

4. Radio Physics and Electrodynamics 

    Chairman Dr.of Sc. prof. Guseyn-zade N.G. ogly

5. Radioengineering 

    Chairman Ph.D. Kostin M.S. 

6. Design and Production of Radioelectronics equipment 

    Chairman Dr. of Sc. prof. Uvaisov S.U.

7. Engineering ecology 

    Chairman Dr. of Sc. prof. Legkiy N.M.

8. Training of professional staff in the innovative university cluster 

    Co-Chairs: Ph.D. prof. Chernov N.I., Ph.D. Assoc. Gaidamashko I.V.

9. Ensuring the quality of electronics equipment, Standardization and Certification 

    Chairman of the Ph.D. Assoc. Nazarenko M.A.


Contact information

Address: Moscow, prospect Vernadskogo,

MIREA - Russian Technological University 

Chairperson of Program committee: Kostin M.S.

Tel. No: +7 499 215-65-65 (2037)

Scientific Secretary of Program committee : Sevryugin P.V.

Tel. No: +7 499 215-65-65 (2044)

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