The «Young Scholars» forum

Establishing the Young Scholars' forum «Development perspectives of radio engineering and information communication systems» is dictated by the necessity to discuss the issues, directions and perspectives of further development and perfecting in one of the most crucial clusters of Russian economy, which is the radio-electronic and telecommunications fields. These fields ensure proper functioning of every vital element of both civil and defence state infrastructures. Moreover, the aim of the forum is also to raise the approbation level for the research results provided by young scholars and specialists (under 35 years old), to acquaint them with cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, topical research directions in the fields of radio engineering, radio physics, microwave electronics, radio-electronic instrumentation technology, information technology, to develop creative activity of students and post-graduates, to raise their professional qualification.

Holding the Young scholars’ forum «Development perspectives of radio engineering and information communication systems» will promote the development and training of academic and pedagogical staff of higher qualification. MSTU MIREA boasts solid experience in holding such events.

The organizers of the Young scholars’ forum «Development perspectives of radio engineering and information communication systems» have planned the following main events:

  1. Preparing the forum: forming the organizing committee, contacting participants of the forum, their registration and preparing the draft of the collected papers;

  2. Meeting and accommodation of the participants;

  3. Holding the forum and the academic work contest;

  4. Preparing and publishing the collection of papers;

  5. Arranging media coverage of the forum.

The forum’s Organizing committee will distribute the particular tasks and the project’s executives. 

Forum’s organizing committee:


  • Sigov Alexander Sergeevich – MIREA President, member of the RAS, Dr. Sci in Physics and Mathematics, professor (Russia);

  • Kudzh Stanislav Sergeevich – MIREA Rector, Doctor of Engineering, associate professor (Russia).

Members of the committee:

  • Kulikov G.V. – dean of the RTS institute at MIREA, D.E., professor;

  • Nenartovich N.E. - General Designer of PJSC "NPO Almaz" them. Academician AA Raspletin, Ph.D.

  • Samsonov G.A. – vice-president of Popov Russian research and technology society of radio engineering, electronics and communication (RNTORES), Candidate of Engineering, associate professor

  • Ragutkin A.V. - MIREA Vice-Rector for Innovative Development, Ph.D

  • Chernyavsky G.M. - Chief Designer of the space resources direction of the USSEPO JSC "Russian Space Systems", Corr. RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

  • Trubitsyn A.V. – director of Further vocational education centre at MSTU MIREA, Candidate of Engineering, associate professor.

Research areas:

  1. Radio engineering and radiophysics;
  2. Transmission of information through radio communication channels;

  3. Digital signal processing;

  4. Telecommunication systems;

  5. Radar and radio navigation;

  6. Electrodynamic systems;

  7. Radiophotonics and laser technologies;

  8. Design and technology of radio-electronic means;

  9. Safety and optimization of the systems "Person - Technologies - Environment";

  10. Mathematical and computer methods in radiophysics;

  11. Modeling of radio engineering systems

The work will be held in the following sections:

  1. General radio engineering;

  2. Methods of processing and transmission of information through radio communication channels;

  3. Telecommunication systems and technologies;

  4. Radar and radio navigation systems;

  5. Radiophysics and electrodynamic systems;

  6. Design and technology of radio-electronic means;

  7. Security of "Man-Technologies-Environment" systems;

  8. Training of professional staff in an innovative university cluster;

  9. Mathematical and computer methods in radiophysics.

Program committee:

  • Mandzhiev A.A. - Chairperson
  • Borec A.A. - Chairperson of the section
  • Bityukov V.K. - Chairperson of the section

  • Paramonov A.A. - Chairperson of the section

  • Nefedov V.I. - Chairperson of the section

  • Zamuruev S.N. - Chairperson of the section

  • Gusein-zade N.G. - Chairperson of the section

  • Uvaysov S.U. - Chairperson of the section

  • Easy NM. - Chairperson of the section

  • Trubitsyn A.V. - Chairperson of the section

  • Chernova N.I. - Chairperson of the section

  • Kochetkova L.N. - Chairperson of the section

  • Samokhin A.B. - Chairperson of the section

  • Shestopalov Yu.V. - Chairperson of the section